Final Morris Canal Greenway Plan Complete

The City of Jersey City is pleased to announce the completion of the Morris Canal Greenway Plan, a plan for a future bicycle and pedestrian greenway that follows, to the greatest extent possible, the former path of the Morris Canal. The final plan is available for download through the links below. Note that there is a link through which you can download the whole plan as one large PDF file (83mb), as well as links to smaller PDFs of each of the parts of the plan (including Appendices).

The Final Plan

Executive Summary (8mb, PDF)

Complete Final Morris Canal Greenway Plan (83mb, PDF, comprised of all of the parts listed below)

Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction (3mb, PDF)

Part 1: Alignment (10mb, PDF)

Part 2: Design Guidelines (47mb, PDF)

Part 3: Interpretive Development Plan (7mb, PDF)

Part 4: Implementation (8mb, PDF)

Appendices (34mb, PDF)


The consultant team hired by the City of Jersey City for this project include the following firms, with RBA as the team lead: