Jersey City Launches Greenway Plan for the Morris Canal

The City of Jersey City has launched a planning effort for a bicycle and pedestrian greenway that follows the path of the former Morris Canal right-of-way to the greatest extent possible. The final products of this study will be complete in Spring 2013. It is envisioned that the greenway will be off-road where feasible and on-road where necessary to establish a continuous 6-mile bicycle and pedestrian route through Jersey City. The addition of a greenway will enhance bicycle and pedestrian accommodations; increase recreational space in the City; connect trails, parks, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses; and celebrate one of the City’s historic resources.

The Morris Canal once ran through here.

Selected by the City of Jersey City to develop the Plan, the RBA Group is working with the community to identify a route that is safe, contiguous and provides connections to community amenities. The public will be able to review and comment on the study through this project website and at public meetings. The study is funded by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.

Jersey City is not the only community examining the historic Morris Canal. There has been a long-standing and energetic effort to establish a statewide contiguous Morris Canal Greenway from Phillipsburg to Jersey City. Various municipalities and counties across the state have created public spaces along the path of the Morris Canal. The North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority has formed a working group to coordinate the many activities and successes within each of the six counties along the route and to discuss ways to further enhance the corridor.